Monthly Updates



Another month has passed and it’s time to update the progress that I have made and my thoughts on everything on my journey to starting an online business.

The last monthly update that I wrote was definitely my favourite post that I have written so far on this blog so far, so I’m really looking forward to sharing another month of lessons learned and where I hope to be going in the future with my online journey.

I feel like I have worked hard at times throughout the last month but wasn’t consistent enough to make any real difference to improve my productivity. I keep getting distracted with things that seem to feel important at the time but are completely irrelevant to what I need to be doing at the time to move forward with starting an online business. An example of this was yesterday when I spent 4 hours learning how to use webinar software. Yes, it might be relevant in the future when I have an online business and want to run sales webinars or webinars for my clients to offer more value, however it is completely irrelevant to me at the moment because I don’t even have a business. I need to spend my time focusing on business ideas and creating a business.


1. Videos

Over the last month I have really spent a lot of time doing videos for my blog posts. I definitely feel like my videos are getting better and I am becoming  more confident in front of the camera. Taking videos is just another medium to share your content and knowledge, and is a skill that helps with confidence, leadership and sales ability.

Shooting Facebook live videos was one of my biggest fears when starting out a couple of months ago and I am happy to say that I have now done 3 Facebook live videos. It is nerve racking knowing that people are watching you live and you can’t edit the videos.

Editing the videos for my blog is something that has taken my quite a while, I have tried to add text and film the videos in multiple clips and then join them together. My editing work isn’t very good at the moment but it is slowly getting better and I am understanding how to use final cut pro more and more with each VLOG that I upload.

I will definitely be continuing to film videos in the future and hope to start filming some screen recording to show tutorials of how to do specific tasks. I feel like that would be really valuable for this blog and will help others follow the steps that I took to use certain programs such as Photoshop and final cut pro etc.

2. Public Speaking

Over the last month I have gone to Toast Mastery sessions as a guest. These clubs are all about improving your public speaking by talking about different topics in front of different groups of people. Once again public speaking is a great tool that is beneficial when running a business because it gives you confidence as a leader who can run events, webinars, seminars and retreats.

I believe that by taking these classes I am not only improving myself but also improving my ability to sell. Being confident and charismatic is a big key when it comes time to selling your product and I feel like improving my public speaking will put me in a good state to do this.

3. Internship

My internship has been going very well over the last month. I am still learning heaps about different strategies when it comes to online business and how to improve myself as a leader. In fact, the toast mastery and Facebook live videos were both ideas that came from my internship.

I have to remember that I am there to learn skills to help me create an online business, and not just to do work. I am there to learn and gain as much knowledge as I can. It is so great being able to work with such an amazing team who can help give me advice in sales, marketing, social media and video creation. Just having the support of positive people makes such a big difference in life. Going to my internship once a week is still my favourite day of the week.

In terms of progress that I have made at my internship in the last month, I have been able to increase my writing speed, meaning that I am now able to write blog posts for Winning International almost twice as fast as I was in the beginning. This is a priceless skill that is definitely going to help me with this blog and any blog or writing I do in the future.

4. Accountability

I have set up an accountability group with my brother Tom over the last couple of weeks where we share our plans and goals for the week every Sunday and make sure that we stay on track. I definitely have needed some more accountability for a while. Often I will work really hard for a week and get quite a lot done, and then eliminate all progress by not doing anything for the next 2 weeks. As an example, this is the first blog post that I have done in the last 10 days or so, meaning that I am destroying any progress I might have done the week before writing 6 posts in a week.

Each week it is important to reflect on what you have achieved during the week, what you could have done better, and what you hope to achieve the next week. I look forward to these accountability sessions every Sunday and will let you know how they progress over the coming months.

Lessons Learned

1. Social Media

In my last update I mentioned that I was following and unfollowing people on twitter and Instagram to try and build up my following. I realized however, that this strategy takes too much time, doesn’t get the followers that you want, and means you are following people that don’t interest you.

Firstly, although it may only take 10 minutes per day to do this, it means that you are wasting time doing this rather than creating content. Secondly, there are so many twitter accounts out there that have 300k followers who use this strategy, yet get zero engagement on their posts, meaning that their followers aren’t interested in what they have to share, and are only following them because they are following them back. Finally, following all of these people that you aren’t interested in means that you have updates in your news feed that you aren’t actually interested in, and therefore deters you from going on to your social profiles and enjoying the experience.

For now, I am going to continue posting in my social profiles but not look at any growth strategies. Since I don’t even have a business at the moment, I feel like I am wasting time trying to grow on social media with unengaged followers, when I could be putting that time to better use. When it comes time to grow my social media accounts, I will look into growth strategies, but at the moment it isn’t relevant.

2. Consistency

As I stated above I have been very flimsy with my consistency. Some weeks I will put out 6 posts on this blog and others I won’t do anything and I will just waste my time. In order for my to really get things done, I need to plan out my posts at the start of the week so that I know exactly what I am going to write or talk about. This way it doesn’t seem like such a big task when it comes time to writing it.

For this post for example, I planned out everything that I wanted to talk about and structured it into 3 sections progress, lessons learned, and future direction, so that when it came time to writing it, I knew exactly what to talk about.

I am going to use this process for all of my posts from now and will let you know how it goes.

3. Exciting Content

The posts that I have written with the most engagement are the ones that I have enjoyed writing and have been more personal to my journey and the lessons that I have learned. I feel like sometimes I have been writing lessons on how to do certain tasks just because I feel the need to always be putting out content. If the content isn’t relevant to my journey or helping others, then what is the point of writing it.

This blogs slogan is ‘Build an Online Business and Travel the World‘ meaning that I need to show people how to build an online business, and not write posts about irrelevant nonsense. My most popular posts have been the posts that are personal to my journey of creating an online business because I think that connecting with your audience on a personal level is what makes them keep coming back.

4. Create Daily Plans and Tasks

As I said before, I am going to be writing out plans for all of my blog posts before I write them so as to not get overwhelmed. However I am going to take it one step further and write daily plans and tasks that I need to complete so that I don’t waste my days doing nothing.

Lately, I have been waking up early to go to a fitness boot camp in the morning, and because I work nights in hospitality, I have been finding it difficult to get enough sleep. Therefore I have been convincing myself most days, that when I get back from boot camp, that I can go back to bed and sleep most of the day. This is so silly and ridiculous because sometimes I’m not even tired but force myself to go back to bed because I don’t know what I am going to do for the rest of the day.

This has to stop and the best way to do this is to schedule in daily tasks that I need to complete so that I have a bit of urgency around things that I need to get done, and don’t waste my time sleeping.

Future Direction

So where am I in my journey to starting an online business. I mentioned in my last update that I was looking to find an online coaching course to start because I had access to some great resources here at my internship. I knew that this was the path that I was going to take starting my first online business, but didn’t have anything that I was passionate about and willing to coach.

Over the last month I have spent hours trying to find things that I am passionate about or could become passionate about from teaching guitar, to tutoring french, to teaching people how to take great videos and edit them. The only problem was that I would either have to learn those skills first in order to coach them, or I wasn’t passionate about them enough to create a course around them.

It wasn’t until I read a guest post on Pat Flynn’s website Smart Passive Income, that talked about taking your passion and turning it into an online course, that really re-inspired me to find my passion.

I feel like it has been in front of my nose this whole time. At the moment the two things in my life that interest me the most are online business and travel. Unfortunately I can’t create a course around teaching online business because I am still only learning myself. However, I have lived overseas for more than 4 years and not only lived in numerous locations, but studied in a different language, and completed a university degree in 4 different European cities.

Travel is my area of expertise, more specifically living abroad. I feel like this is definitely an area which I can create a course about, the question is what will my Niche be?

My niche could be how to take a GAP year, how to study abroad, how to move your life abroad, how to travel around Europe as cheap as possible, or anything in between. Over the next week I am going to go through the process of finding a profitable Niche and starting my course around it.

I will be sharing weekly updates and lessons on things that I have learned from the process in order to help you go through the same process of creating an online business. Here is a rough outline of what I hope to achieve over the coming months:

-Step 1 – Find a Profitable Niche

-Step 2 – Test Business Idea Online

-Step 3 – Set out the Structure of the Course

-Step 4 – Start Building the Membership Course on Optimize Press

-Step 5 – Start Creating the lessons for week 1 of the course

-Step 6 – Create lessons for week 2 of the course

-Step 7 – Create lessons for week 3 of the course

-Step 8 – Create lessons for week 4 of the course

-Step 9 – Create lessons for week 5 of the course

-Step 10 – Create lessons for week 6 of the course

-Step 11 – Create lessons for week 7 of the course

-Step 12 – Create lessons for week 8 of the course

-Step 13 – Create sales funnel (email)

-Step 14 – Start marketing course on Facebook

-Step 15 – Look into more strategies to grow the business

That is just a rough outline of what I hope to achieve over the next few months, and obviously things will change and there will be tasks that I need to complete that I didn’t foresee, however, I feel like this is a good guide for both me and you, in terms of what you can expect to see over the next few months.

I’m really excited to share this journey with everyone and finally sharing some real progress that I am having with creating an online business.

Please leave a comment below if you have any opinion on the Niche that I should choose, or any process that you’ve used to find a profitable niche.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!




Lewi Blake