Monthly Updates



The last month has been pretty interesting in terms of the mindset change that I’ve had with a few different things which I am going to share today.

The truth is I have been a bit lazy in terms of this blog and posting on here. On my last monthly update I said that I was going to stop posting articles on here just for the sake of posting articles, and that is exactly what I have done. I have wanted to post a couple of different articles on finding a profitable niche and testing a business idea since I have mainly spent the last month doing this, however I never felt like I had enough insightful information to share because I still hadn’t finished the process. You can expect to see posts on this over the next month!

Anyway, as I was saying I have been testing my business idea of a travel course that helps people who want to move abroad with everything they need to know from the administrative process of getting started, all the way to what to do once they are abroad, and everything in between. It has been really fun planning what my course is going to look like, and seeing how much it has changed from the initial idea. I will be writing a seperate post on this in the next week or so, explaining my idea in more detail and what I hope to achieve from it.


1. Social Media

As you may have seen I have not been scheduling anymore posts on social media in the last month or so. It was taking too much time and I wasn’t offering enough value in the posts. I was receiving next to zero engagement when I was sharing things on my social media pages, because I was just sharing articles and other things just for the sake of it.

For now I am going to only share my articles that I write on this blog on social media, and not waste 1 hour every week scheduling random posts. On all of my social networks combined I have less than 500 people following me, and much of those people following me are only following me because I did the follow/unfollow process.

2. Will it Fly

Pat Flynn’s book ‘Will it Fly’ is what I have been spending the majority of the last month reading and implementing. This book is all about testing your business idea to see if it will work by finding out who your target market is, where they are going online at the moment for information, products that are already available, and what is missing in the market at the moment.

This was an extremely long process but has been quite interesting. I now know exactly where my target market is residing online, the products that they are buying, and what they wish they had available to them. As I said earlier, I will be writing a post on this in the next couple of weeks going over the exact process I took and the results that I had.

3. Internship

I have been going to my internship still once a week over the last month and have still been learning quite a bit. They are about to start a podcast so I am starting to learn everything that is involved when it comes to starting a podcast, how to reach out to guests, and how to actually produce the content. It is going to be very interesting to see how this develops over the next few months because they have a goal of having more than 1 million listeners by the end of the year.

The writing that I have been doing over the last month at Winning International has been very repetitive and I am looking for something more interesting to do. Hopefully being able to work on this podcast will be fun and interesting.

Lessons Learned

1. I Miss Travelling

Spending so much time over the last month researching the travel industry and the different travel niches has given me such an urge to go travelling again, it’s crazy. I know that I have to wait until the end of the year when I move to South America, however this urge is going to keep me motivated to save, work and build my online business. As you probably already know the way that I plan to fund my life and travel in South America is through the online business that I create this year. That basically means that I need to keep working hard and start to make some real progress over the next few months.

Writing SEO articles while I’m overseas is my back up plan, but I don’t really enjoy doing this, so having an online business of my own is really important, hence why I am creating this travel product.

2. Testing is Important

The testing that I have done over the last month has been really beneficial not only because it has kept me busy, but because I have learned so much about my target audience and what they actually want. Originally I was going to create a course that helped people do their entire 3-5 year University degree overseas like I did. I thought that this would be a great idea because people love studying abroad and I had a distinct advantage since I did my whole degree overseas. However, from the testing that I did, I found out that people don’t want to necessarily study their whole degree overseas and would rather just do a semester or year in a country and then possible do another semester or year in a different country.This information was extremely valuable because it meant that I didn’t build an entire product around how to study your full degree overseas, and have no one buy it.

The best testing that I did was running a survey on surveymonkey and asking my target market (people living abroad) the biggest problems and pain points they have living abroad. It was amazing to see the results and how a lot of the same problems kept coming up. From this survey, I have been able to design exactly what my course is going to look like. I was able to get more than 30 people in my target market to fill out the survey by posting it in forums and groups where my target audience goes online. The great thing is that I already knew where they were because of the market research I did following Pat Flynn’s book ‘Will it Fly’ as I mentioned earlier.

3. Follow Your Passion

Creating an online course is something that takes a lot of time not only researching but creating. That is why it is so crucial that you are creating a course around something that you enjoy and are passionate about. To be honest when I was originally going to be creating a course around helping people study their whole degree overseas, I wasn’t that excited. I think the reason for this is because it is such a boring process and there is so much administrative work that needs to be done to study abroad.

On the other hand a product that helps people with the process of living their dream and moving abroad is so exciting and interesting that I love thinking about it.

Future Direction

So over the next week I plan on coming up with a business name so that I can start building the course. I have already bought Optimize Press and have been playing around with it on this site. I plan on building my membership site on Optimize Press because it has great capabilities for design, and can also do sales pages and landing pages.

I definitely feel like I’m at one of the most exciting stages of the process because building and designing the site is really interesting because I am going to be learning some really cool new skills that I will be able to keep forever and will help me anytime I want to build another course or membership site in the future. Furthermore, creating all of the content is going to be really fun because it is one of the parts of travelling that I love, setting everything up and planning the trip. I really feel like it is going to help people be able to move their life abroad and have the most amazing experiences ever!


So that’s all for now. I will be writing a couple of posts in the next few weeks about the process that I have taken to test the business idea, and what the course is going to consist of.

Lewi ‘Loves Life’ Blake