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I’m Lewi Blake. I am 23 years old and I’m from Melbourne, Australia.

I’ve started this website to document my journey trying to create an online business that can fund my life anywhere in the world. I am sure that the stories and lessons that I share on this site will help you to follow down the same path as me.

As for my story, well after completing high school in 2010, I decided to move to Bordeaux, France for a GAP year and learn the french language. I loved the experience so much that I enrolled to do a Business Degree in Paris the following year. Being able to travel to different countries on weekends and during school breaks on a part-time wage, really showed me that it isn’t expensive to travel, and it is one of the most enriching and amazing experiences one can have.

It’s four years later and I have finished my Degree (I studied my last 2 years in Monaco) and I have returned to Melbourne. After working in an accounting office for half a year, I decided that I don’t want to take the conventional 9-5 path and I want to continue traveling the world.