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Hey! I’m Lewi, a 28 year old Aussie traveller who has been exploring the world and living abroad for the last 10 years.

It all started in 2011 when I finished high school and didn’t want to follow the tradition 9-5 path that  everyone else was taking.

So I decided to move to France instead. I ended up staying there for 4 years.

Since then, my adventures have  increasingly become  more challenging, adventurous and remote.

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Lewi’s quest for adventure began when he moved to Bordeaux, France for a GAP year  at  18 years old.  While studying a business degree and becoming fluent in the French Language, he realised that there was so much to see in the world and so many different cultures to experience.

That set him on a 10 year journey to not only travel the world, but to go deep into the vast wilderness, to places that few people ever see.

It wasn’t until 2017 that Lewi found his favourite way to explore the most remote corners of the Earth, a bicycle.

A bicycle is such a simple form of transport that can take you anywhere in the world…and relatively cheaply at that. It can be used to carry all the gear and food that you’ll need for long expeditions, can be walked when the terrain is too difficult or something goes wrong, and can easily be hidden when looking for places to wild camp and not be seen.

After riding  down South America from Ecuador to Chile, Lewi decided that travelling by bicycle was his favourite way to travel.

Since then he’s gone bikepacking in Kyrgyzstan in winter and climbed over the 5 high passes with his bike.

He’s currently travelling round Australia in a 1985 Nissan Urvan campervan and riding through the vast Australian outback on his Fatbike.


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