About Lewi Blake

lewi blake

Hey! I’m Lewi, a 28 year old Aussie traveller who has been exploring the world and living abroad for the last 10 years.

It all started in 2011 when I finished high school and didn’t want to follow the tradition 9-5 path that  everyone else was taking.

So I decided to move to France instead. I ended up staying there for 4 years.

Since then, my adventures have  increasingly become  more challenging, adventurous and remote.

Travel Timeline

2011: Moved to Bordeaux, France for a GAP year and become fluent in the French Language

2012: Started my Business Degree in Paris, France and rode my bicycle past the Eiffel tower every morning

2013: Semester abroad in London, England

2013: Moved to Nice, France to continue my business studies in  Monaco

2015: Graduated from University of Monaco with  a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

2015: Started working in an accounting office back in Melbourne but only lasted a few months

2016: Realised that I’d fallen into the trap of working 9-5 in a job I never wanted to do in the first place

2017: Spent the year travelling through Central and South America

2017: Bought a second hand bicycle and rode  over 5,000km from Ecuador to Chile

2019: Spent the majority of the year travelling through South East Asia

2019: Rode my bicycle over the 5 high passes of Kyrgyzstan and rode over 2,500km. 

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